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The Anchor Bay Yachting Association (ABYA) was formed in 1967 due to the rapid increase in the popularity of boating in the Anchor Bay/Lake St. Clair area and the problems that were developing related to boating and boaters.

The first commodore of the ABYA was Don Green, P/C of North Star Sail Club, who was the one that was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the formation of this organization.  His Bridge consisted of Vice-Commodore Frank Richey, P/C Bayside Yacht Club and Secretary/Treasurer Ed Menninger, P/C Bayside Yacht Club.

Ed Menninger designed, and was accepted by the group, the official burgee for the Anchor Bay Yachting Association, which is still used today. He also did the artwork for the individual membership cards and certificates of membership, which member clubs would display in their clubhouse.

The requirements for clubs wishing to become members of ABYA were that they be chartered by the State of Michigan, have at least 20 members, and be willing to pay an annual membership due.

Charter members to this organization were: Bayside Yacht Club, Belvidere Boat Club, Chrysler Yacht Club (now North Channel Yacht Club), Clinton River Boat Club, Conger Bay Boat Club, Huron Pointe Yacht Club, North Star Sail Club, Poorman’s Yacht Club, and Sand Pointe Yacht Club.

As the Association took on more responsibilities and became more involved in activities, it became evident that additional officers were needed to help with the work. The Secretary / Treasurer’s office was split into two separate offices, and later the list of officers was expanded to include the Rear Commodore (Kenny Pearce, P/C Poorman’s Yacht Club), with the office of Fleet Captain to follow.


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